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Feb 3, 2013 8:00pm EST
not become president, i hope not because i was working with them at the time. i admired gerald ford, whom i did not know well but then some time with -- spent some time with. i always thought he was the most emotionally healthy of all the people i have known who were president. not that the others were basketcase is, but he became president -- most people become president, and bill clinton was not the exception, sometime around the fourth grade. they get that bug -- the only known cure for the presidential virus is embalming fluid. gerald ford wanted to be speaker of the house when he was republican leader of the house -- they were in the minority. along the way he became president. he knew who he was. he was comfortable with who he was. i always wish i had known harry truman, because i felt that he liked being harry truman. he never thought about being anybody else but harry truman. i felt that way about gerald ford. >> 30 years ago -- here you are, appearing on this network on a call in show. let's watch. >> it is baloney on both sides -- ronald reagan is a phony on defense. ronald reagan
Feb 4, 2013 10:00am EST
these trends. and when they realize this is something the public does not like in a ford gets out that your company is engaging in this kind of practice -- if word gets out your company is engaging in this kind of practice, it will hurt their company. president obama has spoken about this, great members of congress have been pushing this law that across the country they will keep trying again. we are seeing a broad array of people. i think the publicity is already starting to make a difference. host: 1 markka, republican line, north carolina. caller: the hiring practices down and before bragg area, with the va in this area, with the veterans that are supposed to be hired and have preference and stuff, i just retired but we would have females and it is a lot of reverse racism. females would be hired and have no veteran preference at all. i know a lot of guys and females would be put in for these jobs and would not get these jobs and then all of the sudden, these females would be brought into these positions and have no veterans preference at all. it is reverse racism. host: -- guest: i canno
Feb 8, 2013 1:00am EST
chamber of commerce, ford motor company, the national beer wholesalers association, the american petroleum institute, microsoft, and the newspaper association of america. thank you. thanks also to ted benson of cq roll call for providing the cover art for our program, and of course the mandarin oriental hotel and it's great staff. we have a terrific program tonight, and when it is over cq roll call will keep the fun going with a fabulous after party. the band suspicious package will keep us going into the night. in six years from now, the washington press club foundation will celebrate its 100th anniversary. it began life as the women's national press club. the courageous women who came together in 1919 fox to establish their place as professional reporters in a mail-dominated business. tonight we honor their courage and try to live up to their legacy a 21st century. our mission is to carry forward our founding goal of equality, scholarship, and excellence in journalism. in keeping with that mission, the proceeds of tonight's dinner go to the foundation's charitable events, including colle
Feb 8, 2013 9:00am EST
ford and gm junk- bond status in 2004 and 2005 and it kind of led to the chain of events where servers got a hold of gmac. cerberus was run by people from both the bush administration's, investors in managers. i think you should also be looking at them as well. guest: i think the caller raises an excellent point. these were complicated. when you look at some of the bailout and what came out of it, you have to look at the structure and the owners of structures that happen when the government forces restructurings, and as a result, new owners come out. cerberus was one of those. as far as their compensation, it does not fall under treasury's per view, which is really just the top 25 employees at the top companies themselves. you raise an interesting point. one thing i want to raise and make clear, we are conducting audits, reviews, investigations on anything related to tarp. and i want to just throw out our hite -- hot line information. we have a hot line of the public can call in and give information that they think we should be looking at. any information that they know. often the publ
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)